A Taste of Home Sweet Home Quilt 12 Rows for the first 12 Days of 2017

Scroll down to see the quilt

As we kick off 2017, there are a few rows from 2016 that are just too good to leave behind.

Every day for the next twelve days, Jan. 1 through Jan. 12, we’ll post a new row on our Row by Row Studio Facebook page.  Check back here in the Studio to see the row added to our quilt.

Do you have any rows left from 2016?  You can use them to make your own A Taste of Home Sweet Home quilt.  It’s 81″ x 81″ and uses twelve 9″ x 36″ rows.  If your rows are not 9″ just add a slender strip of background fabric to make them fit.   We included the free setting layout pattern for you.  Scroll down to find the link below.

We selected four groups of rows.  Two groups are horizontal rows and two groups are vertical rows.  You can use any of your own rows.  Arrange them in groups the way you like.  Because the finished quilt is square with no real top or bottom, horizontal rows will still work well in the vertical positions.

If you want to make a quilt that looks like ours you can contact the shops directly to purchase the individual row patterns from them.  We’ll provide the shop’s contact info for each row.  Keep scrolling down to find the quilt, the rows, and the free layout pattern pdf.

A Taste of Home Sweet Home is presented by Row by Row Studio and Row by Row Junior, our exciting new program for kids age 6-14 coming this summer.  Kids will travel along with an adult.  Collect free row patterns designed for them to make.  They’ll learn to sew with help from family and support from www.rowbyrowexperience.com.

Ask your favorite local quilt shop to offer Row by Row Junior this summer for all the kids in your life.

Here’s the quilt:  A Taste of Home Sweet Home.  Watch it fill up daily around noon EST.  Scroll down to find the shop contact info to get the row patterns.

Here’s Row #1

Quilt-n-Bee    Traverse City, Michigan   http://www.quiltnbee.com/   231-922-6766

Row #2

Abbi May’s Fabric Shop Muskegon, Michigan 231-563-6861 www.abbimays.com

Row #3

Creation Station Fabric & Quilt Shop Buellton, CA http://www.thecreationstation.com/ 805-693-0174

Row #4

Quilt Expressions Garden City (Boise), Idaho 800-544-5839 http://www.quiltexpressions.com/

Row #5

A Taste of Home Sweet Home Row 5

Pinwheels & Posies Dickinson, Texas 281-337-1213 http://www.pinwheelsandposies.com/

Row #6

Memories by the Yard San Antonio, Texas 210-520-4833 http://www.memoriesbytheyard.com/

Row #7

Jomax Sew and Vac Westminster, Maryland 410-848-8080 http://www.jomaxsewandvac.com/

Row #8

Rocking Chair Quilts Butler, Missouri 660-200-2226 http://www.rcquilts.com/

Row #9

Stitches of Love Tallahassee, Florida 850-329-7435 http://www.stitchesoflovequilting.com/

Row #10

Dragonfly Quilt Shop High Point, NC correct phone 336-880-2509 http://www.dragonflyquiltshop.net/

Row #11

Minding My P’s & Q’s Quilt Shop Denton, Texas 940-365-5933 http://www.mindingmypsandqs.com/

Row #12

My Sewing Shoppe Raleigh, North Carolina 919-784-9300 http://www.mysewingshoppe.com/

Here’s the free layout setting pattern pdf :  click here

We hope you enjoy A Taste Of Home Sweet Home.  Check back daily to see it come alive.

It’s great way to get energized for 2017.  Enjoy!