2017 winner at Country Beefers, Roaring Springs, PA

Alice, winner at Country Beefers, Roaring Springs, PA

Alice responded to my request for anyone that entered their quilts into local fairs.  Alice did and also was a winner at Country Beefers Quilt Shop in Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania.   Here is what Alice had to say about her Row by Row Experience experience:

“I entered by 2016 Row by Row quilt in 2 local fairs this year because it wasn’t done in time for the fairs last year.  I got a 2nd place ribbon and a little cash each time.  I absolutely love the whole experience, though it’s costing me a fortune because of all the impulse buying that goes with it.  I always get the kits and the license plates and lots more.

Thanks to the Rowing last year, I finished my first quilt.  I had to because I wanted my picture on the internet.  I was the winner at Country Beefers in Roaring Spring, PA.  I am ditching this years quilt this evening so I hope to turn it in to my quilt shop on Monday.

Last year I had 60 rows, mostly collected in person by me.  My cousin picked up a few for me.  This year I had friends who went to Alaska and Washington State.  That was really expensive and my cousin and I bought even more rows than last year.  I haven’t counted, but 75 wouldn’t surprise me.  And, of course, if I am in a shop that I missed in a previous year and if they still have a kit, I have to have it.

These rows for me are kind of like jigsaw puzzles, everyone has its own challenge and I have learned many new quilting skills.  This year I had to learn machine applique because of that “Tribute to Shadow” row from Dover, Ohio.  Some of the pieces already had fusible on them.  I could not believe when I opened up that kit and saw Shadow and read the story, I was crying over a sewing kit.

I will be sewing rows for years to come.”

Alice – Mifflin, Pennsylvania