My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shop, Utah


My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shop, Utah

Since collecting Home Sweet Home Rows will be a fun summer activity for you, you will not always be able to visit the quilt shops by yourself.  Your husband, wife, significant other, child, grandchild (you get the picture) will tag along.  You’ll hear comments such as “Do we really need to stop at ANOTHER quilt shop?” or “Are you almost finished?” and my all time favorite, “Do you really need more fabric?” Like if…  Since when does ‘need’ enter into it?  And who can just walk in, grab something, and leave?  So many colors…so many patterns…so much fabric!


The Mason Jar Quilt Shop

There are several shops that have what can be called ‘man chairs.’  They are chairs or spaces designated in the quilt shop for the non-shopper.

Michele Mason, owner of The Mason Jar Quilt Shoppe in Enon, Ohio, had a chair but found that the non-shopper would wander over to the longarm machine and watch.  She said, “It’s a great distraction and allows the quilter time to browse.”  Not a chair but it works!


My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shop, Utah

Gail Peck, owner of Quilter’s Workshop in Newport, New Hampshire, has a chair with local magazines and newspapers for the non-shopper.  Gail says with a giggle, “If they seem uncomfortable with ‘the chair,’ I will invite them into my classroom and offer them a cup of coffee.  I will situate them so they can’t see all the ‘stuff’ their quilter is picking up.”

My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe in Logan, Utah, and my Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe in Midway, Utah, are owned by Kris Thurgood.  She has four couches in her Logan shop and a couch in her Midway shop.  Both have charging stations for cell phones.  These are excellent places for non-shoppers to sit and relax.  Kris says, “One day a man fell asleep on a couch and his wife enjoyed the most peaceful shopping trip she had ever had.”

If while you’re Rowing you visit a shop that has a special seating area, a chair or two, or even a man cave, let us know.  Sharing this will help other Rowers in their travels.