Kids everywhere are having extra fun with Row by Row Junior projects this summer. Adults can access and enjoy the projects too!

These kids attended Kids Camp at Super Stitch in North East, PA, and all made the Piano Keys Backpack. They met for two hours each morning for one week and their projects turned out great. So will yours!

Each RxR Junior pattern has a corresponding project pattern. They’re designed to build upon the base patterns that kids collect at participating shops. The projects are small, manageable and easy to complete. They offer end-use ideas so kids will see how sewing skills can be useful in real life. Adults can adapt the project patterns for just about any row pattern.

Tassel Banner, Flange Pillow Sham, Album Cover, Breakfast Mat, Wall Hanging, and Backpack projects made from Row by Row Junior patterns.

Each Junior project uses a construction method known as a SURE THING to get kids closer to sewing success. They work through the projects with the help of a sewing coach. Navigating the steps of the project patterns as they are written is just as important to the STEM learning process as the finished project itself. Adults will want to sharpen their pattern following skills too!

Anyone, not just kids, can download the free project patterns from the RxR Jr resources page at The page offers an extensive collection of free tutorials and activities. Beginners at any age will find them useful.

There are tutorials on Machine Applique, Quarter Inch Seams, Fabric Shopping, plus fun kid stuff like Pompom Making, and so much more.

Added for 2018 are: Success with Sew and Flip Corners (pdf) and Making Tassels (pdf).

Plus a video demonstration:  Easy Faux Binding and Quick Close Backing. Be sure your volume is turned up.

Kids too busy to row with you this summer? Adults without kids along CAN purchase RxR Jr kits. Most are very affordable and they include the Jr pattern too.

Lynda shopped at Material Matters in Drayton Valley, Alberta. She collected their free colorful thread spools in a xylophone row pattern and picked up a Row by Row Junior Guitar kit too.

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Emery with her Row by Row Junior Album Cover at Sew Easy Sewing in Roswell, New Mexico.