Piecemaker's Quilt Shop, Hackensack, MN Storefront

Piecemaker’s Quilt Shop, Hackensack, MN

Pam, Owner of Piecemaker’s Quilt Shop in Hackensack, Minnesota, has created a beautiful Row which is all about her shop and the beautiful surrounding countryside.  Pam said, “We are out in the boonies and our home is all about the wildlife like the eagle”.   She has been in this location for 32 years and said Row by Row Experience has been incredible for her.  Just recently someone came into her shop and ordered 25 kits.  Her 2015 Row with a heron “At The Lake” is still a big seller and is available for sale now.

I talked to Pam at length.  She is excited when people from other states come by to purchase her Row kit and is especially complimented that quilters who live in Minnesota will drive an hour or more into the countryside just to get the ‘heron’ or the 2016 Row kit, Where Eagles Fly.  Click here to visit Pam’s website.

2016 Row "Where Eagles Fly", Piecemaker's Quilt Shop, Hackensack, MN (pink background)

2016 Row “Where Eagles Fly” pink background

2015 Row "At The Lake" Piecemaker's Quilt Shop, Hackensack, MN

2015 Row “At The Lake”

2016 Row "Where Eagles Fly" Piecemaker's Quilt Shop, Hackensack, MN

2016 Row “Where Eagles Fly” blue background