Picture of women fabric shopping

I’m sure we’ve all had this happen

I was wearing one of my quilting-themed t-shirts today and was approached by a gal who asked me, “Why do you like quilting”?  I had to think for a moment – but a very short moment.  I burst into a description of all the versatility this hobby has.  She said she liked to do crafts, sewing, and she crocheted but didn’t like the fact each one of these were limited.  At that point, I was off and running.

I believe quilting has no end.  I told her about piecing, applique’, paper piecing, the current trend toward modern quilting, dying fabric, art quilts, and on and on.  I told her that a good friend of mine that likes to make clothes hangs out with us quilters because she can incorporate a lot of quilting techniques into her clothing.  We talked about quilting trips like cruises, quilt shows, quilt trips with friends to big shows, shop hopping, and more.  It didn’t stop there.  I told her about quilt guilds and informals that spring out of guilds.  And, of course, the travel adventure and camaraderie of Row by Row Experience.

I think what sold her was when I told her about the personality characteristics that I find most quilters share.  They are giving people that love to share.  They are charitable and the gals I hang out with are all animal lovers.   She said, “that sounds like me”.

I did warn her about the addicting nature of this hobby/craft – the fabric, the threads, the embellishments, the pattern choices, making things for friends and family…  Before we parted company, I mentioned the artistic expression in everything we make and do and that if you do not feel you are an artist, quilting will bring it out in you.  I would not be surprised if she isn’t at a quilt shop this weekend diving into this oh-so-wonderful hobby.

I know I have missed many, many aspects of quilting that we all love so much.  If you think of some I’ve missed, let me know.  What would you have told this lady if she had asked you, “Why do you like quilting”?