Fabric Scrap Dress Mother’s Day Card

This cute little card is SEW easy to make with your fabric scraps and the free, downloadable instructions from Row by Row Junior. Get them right here on the Row by Row Experience website.Like all our Row by Row Junior projects, this card and other projects are available at RxR Experience/Junior website.

Reader tips from Row by Row Junior

1.  Print out multiple copies of the Dress Figure. Kids are sure to “mess up” and want a re-do.
2.  Let the kids pick out their own fabric scrap. Encourage conversation about different fabric prints and what they make you think of.
3. Don’t be surprised if your kids choose a solid over a “pretty” print. It takes a bit more intellectual development to understand and appreciate print fabrics. That’s OK!
4. Perfection is not necessary. Mistakes are just as important as successes.
5.  Make several. Hang them up clothesline style like a garland.

Happy Mother’s Day!