Laila, age 6, at The Quilters’ Fix in Sheridan, Wyoming

Adult Row by Row Experience will begin the Stitching Challenge Period (formerly known as Hibernation) starting September 6.  But Row by Row Junior and The 9th Row programs continue through October 31.

2017 The 9th Row Pattern “Got the Row!” in both a pieced and applique version

This means you can still collect complimentary Junior and 9th Row patterns at participating shops through to October 31.  You can buy Junior and 9th Row kits too.  Kids can show off their sewing and earn “I Made This” ribbons and certificates while they last at shops until October 31 as well.  Find participating shops here.

The Stitching Challenge Period (formerly called the Hibernation Period) is part of the regular Row by Row Experience summertime travel event.  It runs from September 6 through October 31.  During this period, shops do not hand out their complimentary row patterns and cannot sell row kits.

This Challenge period is a time set aside for our Row by Row fans who traveled all summer collecting patterns and kits.  It gives them time get their row sewing done and work on quilts that they can submit to a shop to win a prize as part of the Row by Row Challenge.  The deadline to submit a quilt for a prize is October 31.  For more info about how your quilt can win a prize click here.