Now I realize this picture is of a scrabble game board but I have a ‘game’ idea.  The picture is just for color and a sort of teaser.

My quilting friends had our first annual couples holiday party Saturday night.  The invitation stated “spouse or plus one” were also invited.  Our host, Beth, was concerned that the spouse or plus one might feel left out if we spent the evening sharing only quilting or sewing gifts and games – that the evening would be mainly about quilting and we wanted a more party atmosphere.  After much thought, the game “How Well Do You Know Your Quilter?” was born.

The purpose of the game was to see how well our spouses, friends, guests (the plus one) knew us.  How well do these people important in our lives REALLY listen to us.  Here’s how it worked:

We came up with a series of questions (10 was our goal but the number of questions is up to you, of course).  Questions are asked of the non-quilters.  They raise their hand if they know the answer.  The first to raise their hand and answer the question correctly wins a prize.  An example of questions were:

  1.  How much fabric is too much fabric?
  2. How many fat quarters are in a yard?
  3. What is a FART?  (Remember this?  Fabric Acquisition Road Trip.  It got quite a few giggles)
  4. What do quilters do on a mat?  (More giggles)
  5. How many layers in a quilt sandwich?
  6. What happens in a circle?

Well, you get the picture.  The game got much laughter.  As would be expected, if someone raised their hand their answer was usually correct.  One question brought stares from all the non-quilters.  Why quilters like hand-dyed fabric was a mystery.

Most of us have quilted and sewed for many years.  It was obvious that most of our spouses and friends just tune us out!  It was a learning experience but most of all it was just FUN for everyone.  Feel free to use it or a version of the game at your next get together.  If you do, let us know how it went.