The Process From The Shop’s Perspective

It is what we have been waiting for… the shops are getting ready to post photos of their rows! It takes a bit of time to get everything ready. Here is a quilt shop’s short to-do list of creating the perfect row pattern.

1) Think of an idea using the new theme.
2) Choose a designer (could be the shop owner or another person).
3) Talk it over! Understand the concept.
4) Create design.
5) Tweak it.
6) Tweak it again!
7) Once designed, the pattern is written. (This could be a whole other list!)
8) Decide on fabrics.
9) Order fabrics, if there will be kits.
10) Create a store model. (Another long list.)
11) Photograph store model.

You can probably imagine there are many more details involved in this project when it comes to decisions about printing and the optional kits.

And that is why we are so excited when the row photos start to show up on the RxR Facebook pages!

The First Taste The Experience Rows Of 2019!

Here are a couple I spotted this week:

from Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Forks, Virgina, comes “Forklift” in the Foxy Boxy size 18”x18”

Thanks to You Can Quilt in Peoria Arizona there will be some Berry Happy Quilters when Row by Row starts in June!

Main Street Quilt Cottage in Hurricane Utah has come up with the perfect Quilt Kabob. How fun is that?!

Get Ready For Rows!

As the shops are getting their rows ready you are probably wondering what is the best way to keep up what’s new in RxR land. The easiest thing to do is visit the Inspiration Page on the RxR website.

All of the state/province/international Facebook pages are there – all in one place. It’s like a private Facebook land for Row by Row!

Our vendor partners’ pages are listed too. In addition to RxR goodies, you will find all sorts of patterns, tutorials, and all things quilty. Go there when you need/want inspiration. 🙂 See you there!

Janet Lutz is the owner of Row by Row Experience and Calico Gals quilt shop in Syracuse, New York. She is passionate about creative business, entrepreneurship and making stuff!