My Favorite Things quilt

My Favorite Things quilt made in W. Virginia

Memory quilts tell us many things.  They reflect not just what we do but who we are.

Many years ago, I took a class from a national teacher that taught how to put ‘self’ in our quilts.  In other words, if you made a quilt it says you can make a quilt.  That skill is apparent.  However, years from now when someone looks at that quilt will they know who you are or were?  My quilt theme I made in that class was titled “My Favorite Things” and it had my favorite tree, my family, my dog, and the birds and squirrels I enjoy seeing in my back yard.  In the future, this quilt will show all the folks that see it who I was.  I feel I created a future memory quilt.

A memory t-shirt quilt

A memory t-shirt quilt

Jane, a lovely lady in my neighborhood, has a son that was a member of a rowing team in England.  I’m not talking about Row by Row rowing but rather what we in the United States refer to as ‘crew’.  I was asked to make a t-shirt quilt for him using the t-shirts he wore while competing on that rowing team.  This quilt brought back wonderful memories for Jane as she had supported her son in his rowing for many, many years and had been one of his greatest fans.  It was a birthday gift for him and, lucky for me, he loved it.

A memory quilt of Oma's life

A memory quilt of Oma’s life

My good friend Margaret was asked to make a quilt for the family of a gal that had passed away.  Her name was Oma.  The family provided Margaret with some of Oma’s clothing, and since she liked to sew, the family picked out fabric from her stash and Margaret incorporated it into the quilt.  Oma loved coffee and was a member of a coffee club.   She loved to travel, loved the ocean, shopping, flowers, and cats.  Working in rows, Margaret put all the items the family wanted into this heartfelt quilt and created a beautiful memory quilt for the family.  Oma will be remembered forever as the quilt shows exactly who she was.  Good job, Margaret.

And as Rowers, we know our quilts and other things we make with our row kits and row patters are memories from our road trip or shop hop.  With these kits and patterns, we create something that says who we are, where we traveled, and they will be enjoyed for years to come by us and others.  AND this is why we cannot wait for June 21st!