Scarecrorws for fall

Scarecrows are an important part of fall

Some people like winter, some people like spring, and some people love summer, but I love fall and all it has to offer.  September 22nd was the first day of fall.  I look forward to fall every year…the holidays, the food, the colors.

Halloween is a day when you can dress up, eat candy, and decorate your home and yard.   Your children or grandchildren plan their costumes and if you’re like me, the grandchildren call with their orders – “I want to be a cat” or “make me an emoji costume” (that was a hard one), or “I bought a stuffed dog so now can you make me Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?”.   If you sew, you are the costume maker.  For my costume, I go to my local resale shop and find something I can ‘remake’ into a witch, angel, or princess.  Even grandmas like to be princesses!

I buy everything pumpkin.  Cider and donuts can be found at local Harvest Festivals or, if you are lucky enough to live by an orchard…  well, you are just very lucky.  The cinnamon smells, the pumpkin pie, the warm cider…need I say more?  Yum!

Fall colors are the best.  I love orange, burgundy, gold – especially when leaves turn into these colors.  Again, if you are lucky enough to live where the trees change and fall foliage is bright and beautiful, I envy you.  I try each year to leave and go north so I can enjoy this transformation.

I live in a climate that is mostly warm so the change in temperature is so welcome.  The skies go from grey to blue and there is always a nice, cool breeze.  I get to wear an occasional flannel shirt (mostly in the evening), sometimes a jacket, and I go from shorts to long pants.

Finally, and maybe best of all, this is the time of year I make lists.  I love making lists.  I map out which fall festivals I will get to enjoy, which quilt shows I will attend, and what my sewing projects will be, what I will make and for whom.  Local quilt shops have all their seasonal fabric out and I get to make a list of what I will buy and what I will make.

Tonight I’ll pour a cup of cider, warm it slightly, add a cinnamon stick, and grab one (or more) of the pumpkin-flavored cookies I bought today.   I will start making lists and think about fall and all the wonderful things it has to offer.   And I’ll ask you:   What is your favorite season?