I believe people that quilt and sew are not just creative but are kind and giving.  They share their skills with friends and share what they make with friends and family.  We belong to a guild, join circles, teach others what we know, share the latest tools and techniques, and Row by Row Experience has greatly encouraged this.

A good example of one of these folks is June.  I met June a few years ago in a quilting class.  She is someone that enjoys sewing and other crafts and is very good at all of them.  Of course, her goodness goes way beyond her creative skills.  She recently took a trip through Ohio’s Amish Country shop hopping to collect Row by Row kits.  In the quilt shops, in addition to her collecting, she met many quilters, visited several shops taking pictures, and wanted to share these pictures with all of you.  Here they are.  Thank you, June.


Sister Naomi (Owner) and Rhonda (Manager) Miller’s Dry Goods, Charm, OH


Lone Star Quilt Shop, Mt. Hope, OH


Shirley, Rosie, Owner Debi in Millersburg, OH