Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations waiting to be displayed

I have been working on Halloween costumes for my granddaughters.  They will be ten in November so Pokemon is their costume du jour this year.  It’s a big holiday for both children and adults.  Neighbors are starting to put tombstones made of styrofoam and scarecrows on a stick in their yards.  And according to the news, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays – maybe more celebrated and money spent than any other holiday.  Each year we buy candy and hope that the trick or treaters eat it all so we don’t have to.  Rule is: buy what you like just in case no one shows up.  Or, maybe we should buy what we don’t like so we don’t have to eat three or four bags of mini candy bars?

If you are a Rower, the big day isn’t October 31st but October 24th.  Yes, yes, yes!!!  It’s almost here…the day the new Row by Row Experience theme is introduced.  This is a treat that is guaranteed not to pack on the pounds or rot your teeth.  So, stay tuned to the Row by Row Experience website or this blog, Row by Row Studio, for the big announcement.

Scarecrows in Gatlinburg, TN

Scarecrows in Gatlinburg, TN

Jane and rake head scarecrows

Jane and her two rake head friends