RXR kits

Row by Row kits waiting to be made into something wonderful

When I watch the news, I try hard not to be effected by all that is going on in the world.    A friend of mine called this morning who lives in the potential path of hurricane Irma.  She is heading north and is taking her sewing machine with her.  She doesn’t plan on sewing in a motel but she said, “I will feel awful if something happens to it”.

World events, politics, hurricanes and other news can be stressful.  As usual, my escape is sewing.  I go to my row patterns and kits I have collected.  I also I like to sort through my fabric stash – touching it and thinking of all the things I can make.  I have started on Christmas projects and cannot wait to finish them and then give them away.

Sewing and quilting bring me joy and will always be my safe place – a place I can get away from negative news, sad events happening in the world, and terrible storms.  I hope you always find happiness in sewing.

By the yard fabric by Deb Gabel

By the yard fabric by Deb Gabel – awesome!