We Are Friends WaterJanet LutzHi!  I’m Janet Lutz.  I’m the gal who started this crazy thing we call Row by Row Experience.™  I’m a quilt shop owner in upstate New York but I’m also a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a fabric lover just like you.

For me, Row by Row is celebrating it’s fifth birthday.  For many of you, it’s your first and I’m so grateful you’re sharing it with us.  I’m grateful, too, for all the local quilt shops that create the row patterns, for all who fill my inbox daily with words of appreciation, for my shop staff here in Syracuse, and for all the coordinators around the country who manage our state Facebook pages.  Thank you!

Row by Row had a huge growth spurt this year–just like a toddler who grows out of the crib and needs a big bed.  But the Row by Row child skipped the big bed and grew right into having a room of its own.

That’s what Row by Row Studio is.  A room of its own for Row by Row.  A new place especially for you, our fans.  In simple terms, it’s a blog.  But, oh, it’s so much more!  It’s a clubhouse for “rowers!”

We still have our main Row by Row Experience website with all the lists, maps, and official shop registration areas.  We still have our state and provincial Facebook pages.  They’re like Row by Row’s summer playground–a vacation land of travel, collecting, and sewing from the heart.

Row by Row FansIn the Studio, you can read entertaining stories about people just like you all year long.  Be inspired by other rowers.  Discover quilt shops and places you never knew about.  Maybe learn something new.  Grow deeper friendships.  Go behind the scenes and get the real story!

Get the correct story!  With over 100,000 fans out there the message gets a little fuzzy sometimes.  In the Studio we’ll make sure you all have the right information.  I think they call that better communication.

Better and improved communication is our goal.  To do that we’re asking you to share your email with us and follow along.  We will not sell anything direct to you.  Your favorite local shop is just as important to Row by Row as my shop is to me.

Thank you for letting me introduce the new Row by Row Studio.  I’m glad you stayed a while.  Be sure to leave your email in the sign up box.  We’ll let you know when we have something new to share–about once a week.  It will be your front row seat to the experience!

P.S.  The 2016 theme reveal is just a few days away…you’ll love it! bobbin looking left

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