Did you ever babysit, have a baby, have a younger sibling?  Remember saying or hearing, “Shhh, the baby is sleeping”?  Well, that’s how I feel about Home Sweet Home Rows.  It’s after September 6th and now we have to let the rows rest.  Home Sweet Home was a great idea.  The many interpretations were regional and very different.  Home to New Englanders are lighthouses, crab traps, and the mountains of Acadia.  Home to our friends in Canada was expressed using large pine trees, bears, and the wilderness of their beautiful land.  Across the pond our European quilt shops shared with us their windmills, tulips, and rivers.

Thank you for all the fun this summer shop hopping and collecting.  Thank you to the quilt shops that created their original and wonderful rows.  Traveling to find them was a blast!

As you continue to search out your favorite rows, mark your calendar for November 1st.  You can celebrate Home Sweet Home again when quilt shops will be able to give you a chance to obtain their original work.

Now we’ll wait patiently (or impatiently) for Janet, the founder of Row by Row Experience, to announce the next exciting theme!


2016 Row Fabricate's Mt. Desert Island, Bar Harbor, ME

Fabricate’s Mt. Desert Island, Bar Harbor, Maine

2016 The Quilted Raven, Ontario Manitoba Quebec, Canada

The Quilted Raven, Jewels of the Arctic, Ontario Manitoba Quebec, Canada