2016 Wooly Block, Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

Wooly Block, Mountain Creek Quilt Shop

I was standing in line at the post office yesterday.  I was next up and looking forward to getting on with my day.  The elderly lady in front of me was purchasing stamps.  I thought to myself, this should go quickly.  Wrong!  She had too many choices of stamps she liked and she couldn’t decide.  I learned she liked flowers but also liked the patriotic picture on the stamps.  Then she thought the simple ones would be better – they wouldn’t make a statement to the recipients of her cards and letters.  This went on and on.  I was becoming frustrated and impatient.  Then it hit me…I needed to slow down.  What was so important that I couldn’t allow this woman the time to make the perfect stamp selection?  She finished, I mailed my package, and I went home.

I’ve heard a lot lately about what is called ‘slow stitching’.  I thought that this might be good for me.  My goal when I sew and quilt is to create and make amazing things.  Maybe putting my feet up and patiently hand-sewing would help me to be more in the moment – aim for quality and not quantity – slowly stitching applique pieces instead of using my sewing machine to do this.  I am not saying that my machine sewing and quilting with cotton fabrics isn’t rewarding and that I don’t make nice things.  I just mean maybe slow stitching would be a good change for me.

Row by Row Experience has what is known as Woolies. Check out their Facebook page.  One of my local quilt shops participates in the Wooly Block Adventure.  I’m going to try this – working in wool.  Wooly Block Adventure is like the traditional cotton fabric rows – you can get a pattern or a kit and it’s about fun, travel, and is a collecting adventure.  It won’t be easy as I test my new skill, however, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the process.  Slow stitching will be good for me.

And the elderly lady?  She bought the Shirley Temple forever stamps.

Wooly Block, Daffodil Quilts & Fiber

Wooly Block,, Daffodil Quilts & Fiber

Wooly Block, Artistic Artifacts

Wooly Block, Artistic Artifacts