Look who’s coming to a quilt shop near you this summer!

It’s Furry Fried Eyes and she’s fallen in love with Pom Pom Yum!

Furry joins Fried Eyes, Jelly, and Sweetie. Three friends from the imaginary Land of Yum coming to help kids learn to sew this summer as part of Row by Row’s collectible Junior pattern program.

Participating Junior shops select one of the friend patterns and offer it free to kids, age 6-14, when the kids visit their shop in person. You can learn more about the Junior program here.

Fried Eyes is a lovable snaggle-toothed monster. Jelly is a strippy jellyfish who swims with ruffle power and Sweetie is an adorable critter you can wrap your arms around.

Furry is a kid friendly, sham back, fake fur headed project using a blend of the Fried Eyes and Sweetie patterns. Both patterns come together as a bonus collectable this summer. What a sewing adventure it will be!

Pom Pom Yum is an easy to stuff, sham back pillow too. It uses trendy pompom fringe that’s so stylish for today’s teens and tweens. Just like Pottery Barn!

Both Furry and Pom Pom Yum are free downloadable projects that use the Junior patterns collected while visiting participating quilt shops during the summer. They will be available when RxR starts on June 21.

In the meantime, you can visit the RxR Jr resources page. It’s loaded with free activities, tutorials, and project patterns from previous years that are still available. And still good!

Here is one of the free printable activity pages to help kids build machine skills:  Easter Egg Stitching

Encourage your favorite local quilt shop to offer Junior this summer. Remind them to register by May 1.

Jeannette Kitlan is committed to helping you raise kids who love to sew. The programs she created, Row by Row Junior and Hello Sewing World embrace STEM, entrepreneurship and a growth mindset for kids in the 21st century.