As the founder of Row by Row Experience, I am often asked what I think about the creative ways quilt shops expand upon the basic Row by Row summer event. I love it! As long as the shops follow the basic rules including giving everyone a pattern when they visit, I think it makes for more fun. Each year, we see groups of shops creating “Collaboration Quilts” by combining their rows into themed projects. Here are a few from 2018.

Wasting Away in Margaritaville

8 stores in the Raleigh/Cary North Carolina area combined to create a Jimmy Buffet-inspired quilt designed by Sandy Fitzpatrick of Hissyfitz Designs using their 8 tropical rows. Used together or individually, these fun rows are showing up everywhere in Sew Musical quilts.

Visit the North Carolina Facebook page to get the scoop on these rows and see many completed quilts.

Birdsong Sing Along

New York is where Row by Row started and collaboration quilts are nothing new to these shops. Last year, artist and designer Susan Rooney came up with a quilt design for 8 shops. It was so popular, that a 2018 quilt was inevitable. I wonder if they are waiting to hear about the 2019 theme!

The shops coordinated patterns and also fabrics for the kits to make this quilt.

Deanna Cole from PA picked up the patterns and used different fabrics to create her beautiful version that won a prize at Creekside Fabrics in Arcade, NY.

Read about the NY collaboration quilt and get info on the shops and rows on the NY Facebook page.

Goin’ to Woodstock, NY 1969

Eight stores in the thumb area of Michigan decided to go back in time to 1969 and create a groovy quilt! What could be better than peace, love and music (and quilting)? These rows are showing up together and sprinkled among winning quilts around the continent!

A Jolly, Happy Soul

We all know about Michigan’s famous snowy winters! Frosty seemed like a perfect Sew Musical theme for this area… even in the summer. All of these rows would be adorable individually as projects, too!

Stitch by Stitch

Looking through the Michigan Facebook page, I found another group of shops that created a collaboration. I really like the way they used rows with a variety of the new shapes to design the layout.

Hop on over to the Michigan Facebook page to see the collaboration quilts and the many beautiful rows available in that state.

Sound of “Sew” Music

In Western Massachusetts, a group of shops created a collaborative quilt around a theme. This is so clever! Study the photo to find all of the pieces to the song!

They are having fun in Massachusetts! Head over to their Facebook page to get the details on these rows and many more in the state.

What did I miss?

I know there are more collaboration quilts out there! Respond with a comment on this blog post or send an email to with any that you know about. Thanks! Happy Rowing!

Janet Lutz is the owner of Row by Row Experience and Calico Gals quilt shop in Syracuse, New York. She is passionate about creative business, entrepreneurship and making stuff!