Here’s a wonderful story about Kathy, her granddaughter Shae, and their experience making hearts together for the I Found a Quilted Heart project.

We first met Kathy, a blogger, a quilt maker, a former librarian, and a book reviewer, last summer when she chronicled Shae’s experience participating in Row by Row Junior.

Here’s Shae getting her “I Made This” ribbon from a local quilt shop owner in Kathy’s June 26, 2017 blog post.

And Shae showing off her Junior pattern collection at another quilt shop in the June 25, 2017 post.

But her post later in the summer on August 23 stole our hearts in sew many ways. Kathy wrote:

“My Granddaughter and I have always believed in “paying it forward” and have done a few projects which promote that philosophy. We are truly blessed to have each other and many common interests. We love to sew and quilt. When I saw the “I Found A Quilted Heart” movement, I knew it was for us.” [read more]

Please take a moment to click over to Kathy’s blog and read all about her experience with Shae as they worked together making hearts for “I Found A Quilted Heart.” Please share this story with your sewing and quilting friends especially if you have a young person like Shae in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are quick links to all of Kathy’s posts found in this article:

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Row by Row Experience is committed to introducing kids to the intrinsic benefits of learning how to sew through our Row by Row Junior program. Ask your favorite quilt shop to offer it for the kids in your community this summer.