Jay’s Home Sweet Home Row

Heard through the grapevine that Jay’s Fabric Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, had a very creative Row.  So, I picked up a quilting buddy and good friend to join me to see what the buzz was all about.  I’ve never been to Jay’s and was most impressed with the shop, the ladies who work there, and the Row.


Row by Row Supplies


Home Sweet Home Kit and License Plate


Jay’s Fabric Center, St. Petersburg, FL

I met with Betsy, the co-creator of the Row. She said, “We wanted to base the design on the original picture of the shop and then show fabric loading onto a truck and moving into your home.”  We talked a little bit about what she said the employees at her shop called ‘fabric smuggling.’ She said, “This played a large role in the design.  Customers buy fabric and more fabric and take it home storing it in their car trunk, in their closets, and in cabinets.”  Sound familiar?

Jay’s has been in St. Petersburg since 1959.  Betsy and Manager, Cindi, created the design using the original picture of the shop from their website.  The truck bed is a zipper loaded with sewing supplies.  It’s driving down the road heading to your home sweet home.  Betsy said, “Our house is Jay’s – it’s home to us – and we are delivering fabric to your house.”  Situated near the Row by Row license plate and Row sample were Row-making items that Betsy said were “specially priced for the Row by Row shopper.”

As I was perusing the sale rack, I overheard a conversation at the check-out counter.  Karen from Greenville, South Carolina, was purchasing her Row kit.  She said she was visiting a relative in Crystal River and flew in just for Row by Row shop hopping.  After she leaves Southwest Florida, she’s off to Ohio to Row by Row shop near her son’s home.

A lot of thought went into this Row and consideration for how it relates to Jay’s Fabric Center, you as a Row collector, and the Home Sweet Home theme.  Thank you Cindi and Betsy for your hospitality and time.