2016 Row, Danise, Discover Quilting, Salem, OR

Danise, Discover Quilting, Salem, Oregon

Have you ever made or seen a memory quilt?  The story is usually about a person, place, or event.  For instance, if you’ve spent many years attending music concerts and purchasing a souvenir t-shirt, you might make a quilt out of these shirts.  The quilt is meant to preserve the memories of those good times.

How about taking a class with a quilt teacher in order to learn their special skill or to learn a new technique?  The quilters you meet in the class will be a lasting memory and you will reflect upon the educational and fun times you had in the class every time you look at the quilt.

Maybe you have saved your first quilt.  There are many stories around that…you didn’t measure twice and cut once.  You might have used fabric that today you think is less than pretty (sometimes it’s downright ugly).  And, of course, the quilting that you were so proud of now looks…well, just bad.

And with rowing, every row by row quilt tells a story of your travels, your collecting, the shops you visited, and the shop owners you met and friends you enjoyed.

2016 Row, Becky, The Stitching Well, Sanford, MI

Becky, The Stitching Well, Sanford, Michigan

You may have all of the above and have a story for each one.  Why not write it down?  You don’t have to be a great writer, a creative writer, or even a good speller.  Your experience and thoughts will be enough.  I once had a friend that kept a jewelry diary.  Every time she bought a piece of jewelry, was given a piece of jewelry as a gift, or received a piece as an inheritance she would write a short paragraph about it because she wanted it known how each piece was received and what it meant to her.  A lovely thought!

2016 Row, Stitches n Stuff Fabric Shoppe, Powell, TN

Gidget, Stitches ‘n’ Stuff Fabric Shoppe, Powell, TN

Do this with your quilts.  These pictures are some Row by Row Experience winners from the 2016 Home Sweet Home theme.  I know there are stories surrounding these beautiful quilts, so I hope these rowers share those stories with friends and family for today and forever by writing them down.