A quilt to help decorate for the holidays

My holiday quilt. It is my first seasonal decoration each year.

In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, I pulled out my holiday quilt that I made many years ago.  It was made during the time when I could piece a quilt but didn’t know how to ‘quilt’ it.  You might ask, “Why would you make a quilt that wasn’t going to be quilted”?  Good question.  I just didn’t know how to so I backed it, added the binding, and hoped for the best.  Funny story:  If you wash a quilt that isn’t quilted, it blows up like a big balloon.  Good news is:  It comes back to a nice, flat quilt when it dries.

The holidays are a series of celebrations and are something I always enjoy.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live, a celebration is something that connects us all.  Right now I have seven events and parties to attend between now and New Year’s Eve.  They include both family and friends.  The parties will be a great escape from my everyday life and I will eat more than usual (no calorie counting now), laugh alot, share memories, play games, and exchange gifts (I have to always remember to smile and say thank-you no matter how bad the gift is).

My holiday quilt is how I start the season each year.  And this year will be no different.  Quilted or not, it’s bright and cheery and helps to kick-off the season.