Planning 2017 Row for On The Go

Karis sitting, from the left, Margaret, Jane, Jean. A planning session.

I thought it would be interesting to experience the process and work involved in creating a Row.  Some shop owners design their own and some shop owners hire a professional designer.  Karis, owner of The Modern Sewist in Sarasota, Florida, invited a group of enthusiastic and experienced quilters to work with her in creating her 2017 Row, On The Go.

Since Karis’ shop is focusing on more modern fabrics (fabrics that follow the modern quilt movement), she wanted a Row that reflected this.  She also wanted it to include more than one or two techniques.  The group talked about piecing, raw edge applique’, and paper piecing.  If Karis can pull off all these ideas in a Row, I think she will have a winner.

With this group of creative and very excited ladies, the conversation was WILD.  Karis’ head was spinning with all the ideas and  I bet she never knew she could write or sketch so quickly!  They were talking over each other and poor Karis could hardly keep up with their comments and suggestions.  And no surprise here…quilters are organized and know the importance of snacks at a brainstorming session.  There were donuts, cookies, brownies, and coffee to keep everyone going.

Stay tuned.  I can’t wait to see how the ideas are formed into a finished product.  I will occasionally check in with Karis and her creative quilters and let you know how things are progressing.  Of course, we all have to wait until June 21st for the final reveal.

Thank you Karis for letting me share the process.  And thank you to this group of women for letting me spy on your fun day.  And, of course, thanks for the donut!

2017 Row planning session

Sitting, Sharon and Karis. Standing, Pat. More ideas for Karis.

2017 Row planning session

Karis sitting. From left, Sharon and Dottie. More ideas for Karis.

2017 Row planning session

Sharon (standing) is on fire! Karis’ head is spinning with ideas