Have fun visiting a quilt shop with your family this summer. Learn more about the entire Row by Row Junior program in this blog post here.

How to find participating RxR Jr shops. The 9th Row shops, too! There are four ways.

  1. The Shop Finder
  2. The Travel Lists
  3. The Picture Lists
  4. The Google Map

Go to www.RowbyRowExperience.comBe patient for the site to load. It’s working hard for you. Always keep scrolling down to find more.

July 1, 2018 Editor’s note: SEARCH SHOPS on the navigation bar is now FIND ROWS

The Shop Finder 

Click on SEARCH SHOPS (as of July 1, FIND ROWS)


Scroll down.


Use the up/down arrows on the form to find your country. Then state or province. Select ALL to bring up a complete list of all RxR shops in that area. Click the red search bar.


Scroll down through the list of shops. Participating RxR Jr shops will have a blue dot. The 9th Row shops will have a red dot.

The Travel Lists (scroll down from the Shop Finder page)

Click on the big black box for your region.



Scroll down through the regions and click on your state or province.


Click on the Download Travel List button.


This is a printable Travel List and you can see Jr and The 9th Row designated shops. This list can be saved, downloaded, and printed out as a handy travel guide. It can also be saved to your phone or mobile device for convenient reference when rowing.

The Picture Lists (arrow back to the State/province page.)

Click on the Download Picture List button.

Blue Junior and yellow 9th Row icons are displayed by participating shops.

The Google Map (Close out of or X out of the Travel List pdf screen. Click GOOGLE MAP in the upper right. Home is also a useful place to click if you get lost on the site.)

There is a great YouTube video prepared by RxR to help you navigate the map. Find it here.

Posted below is a series of screen shots on how to use the RxR Google Map that will be helpful too.

As soon as the map appears, click on the little open square on the far left side to open up the Row by Row listings.


Use the center scroll column (1) to move the shop list into the area you are planning to travel to. Then click the little gray V next to your area (2).


This opens up a list of all the RxR shops by state. Use the center scroll column to scroll down through all the shops and all the states in that area. When you find a shop near your travel area, click on it.


Clicking on the shop name brings up specific shop info. Use the center scroll column again to scroll down to see more details about the shop. This screen also reveals the area where the shop is located. You can see if it is manageable for your travel plans.


Here you find out if the shop is participating in Jr or 9th Row. The shop’s ‘pin’ is highlighted too. Use the red bent arrow to go directly to the shop’s Google Map view. Use the red back arrow to return to the entire shop listing for the area.

The more you explore all of these tools RxR has provided, the more comfortable and confident you will become. It’s all part of providing the best experience we can using a broad range of technology suitable for all devices…just like our craft of quilt making, from simple hand stitches to high tech sewing machines.

Row by Row Junior hopes to introduce all kids to the intrinsic benefits of learning how to sew. Making things on today’s sewing machines incorporates all the elements of STEM education in an artful way that builds self-esteem and perseverance.

“I learned to sew on a sewing machine and I made this!” That’s what hundreds of quilt shops across America and Canada hope to hear from kids age 6-14 in their communities this summer.

Please consider bringing a special kid in your life along when you make your Row by Row travel plans either far away or right in your own hometown. More about the Row by Row Junior program here.

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