Row quilt by Joanne

Row quilt by Joann

Hello, I see you have announced the 2017 Row by Row but I would like to share with you my 2016 Home Sweet Home quilt and story.  I know how much time and energy goes into such a project and often we as consumers overlook this.  So. to start, I want to thank you.  I should tell you that at first, I had no intention in getting involved with Row by Row although it was a great idea.  However, like most seasoned quilters we love to see the projects but will talk ourselves out of starting a new project when we have so many already on the go.  Well, all good intentions, right?  But this is how it went.

Meet Joanne

Meet Joanne

We were planning another RV trip, this time from Whitehorse, Yukon down to La Veta, Colorado for me to attend a workshop with Ricky Tims.  Our trips over the years have been planned around a quilting event, either a show or a workshop for me to attend.  Usually along the way we stop at quilt shops but over the years having accumulated so much stuff I have been avoiding visits to quilt shops.  Of course, this takes the fun out of travel for me as well as my daughter who has enjoyed the ‘scavenger hunt’, as we call it, to find the perfect fabric for a pattern I am currently working on.  So when I heard about the Row by Row project, I thought well this would be good.  My daughter can research where the shops are located beforehand (a productive task on the internet) and we can have a legitimate reason to visit the quilt shops.  Of course, I convinced myself that I only need to pick up a free pattern and if I didn’t want to make a quilt, no problem.  Well it didn’t quite go that way.  My daughter downloaded all of the maps with the quilt store locations for the route we planned to take.  Each evening we would look over the maps and make sure we are taking the route that would allow us to visit the desired quilt shop – especially if they had a pattern that we liked.  Bonus!  We found that we even went the extra miles if we had to.  Lucky for me I have a husband who loves to drive and will take me where I want to go.  Good thing I am the navigator and he just follows my directions.  So over the course of several weeks driving, I picked up 12 patterns, including 2 must have kits.  Remember the part with no commitment – so much for that.

When we got home the thought of having to make another quilt for no reason was daunting.  However, my husband suggested that I make the quilt as a memory quilt of our trip and we could put it in the motorhome.  Excellent idea because we all need a reason to make a quilt, right?  I must say, I had so much fun making the quilt.  I chose 8 patterns which best represented the western theme for y quilt, given our destination, and used the 2 fabric kits I had bought (row with fence and teepees).  The rest of the fabric came from my stash and it gave me so much satisfaction to make use of it.  I did have to change one pattern to replace the trailer with our motorhome.  Once it was pieced, I decided to embroider the names of the quilt shops who kindly created the pattern and gave it free of charge.  I also included the date, destination and distance travelled (need to enlarge the photo to see the stitching) – so rather than have a photo album, I have a memory quilt of our wonderful trip.

So thank you for creating Row by Row Experience.  I will also be sending a photo of the quilt to each of the quilt shops with a thank you and a copy of my email to you.

Joanne, Whitehorse, Yukon