Two years ago Ray and Jane H. began rowing around their home state of Ohio collecting rows for the Sew a Season theme. “I was hauling her all over,” Ray states with a laugh. He was interested in Row by Row Experience, but Jane bet he couldn’t do it.

“It was like she threw down the gauntlet,” Ray recalls. “I started picking up patterns and kits for myself.” Jane finished her quilt and won a prize. Although he had never sewn or quilted in his life, Ray assembled and completed his first quilt using the rows he collected, finishing a little too late to claim a prize.

Last year, the couple rowed all the way to Washington and British Columbia, collecting for Row by Row H2O as they travelled. By then, Ray needed a studio of his own. “I laid a 4×8′ sheet of plywood on top of my pool table and I had my sewing center.”

Ray's double dare

Working ahead of Jane, Ray completed his second RxR quilt and this time claimed a prize at From Past to Present Quilt Shop in St. Clairsville, Ohio.

Both Ray and Jane are making plans to keep rowing in 2016. We might go East this summer,” Ray says. “Maybe someday we will get to Hawaii and collect rows.”