H & H Show, Cologne Europe

H & H Show, Cologne

When speaking, the word sewer, it sounds fine but when you see it in writing you think ‘is that right’?  Did I write the word defined as ‘carrying off refuse’ and insult someone?  Since the 14th century, sewer has been used to describe ‘someone that sews’ and probably traditionalists would prefer this word, however, let’s analyze this a little more.

In one day, I got two emails from friends about the word sewer.  Leslie said that when a class she was in saw the word in print, the students all giggled.  We talked about a more modern word ‘sewist’ – a combination of sewer and artist.  That same day, another friend, Jane, was emailing me and we discussed sewer versus sewist.  Jane said she would rather be called a sewist preferring that word to being referred to as ‘someone that carries off refuse’.  Another opinion from my friend, June, said, “I prefer quiltist”.  Please, June, we’re confused enough!

I know a group that like to make art quilts.  That is maybe where the word sewist would work.  You take fabric, thread, enhance with paint, chalk, beads, and create a work of art – a mixed media piece.  Then there are the folks that like traditional patterns and sew fabric into traditional blocks, cutting large pieces of fabric into smaller pieces and then sewing them back together.  Very creative.  Not to be forgotten, there are quilters that prefer modern quilts.  They are artistic with their use of white and all the new patterns they create, taking traditional patterns and updating them into something more…well, modern.

Row by Row Experience has introduced rows that are designed and created by many different quilters and artists.  Some quilt shops use a designer to make their patterns and some owners like to create their own.  Using a pattern or buying a kit opens up another opportunity to create.  You can make the rows as given, you can choose to use your own fabric, you can make a quilt, art quilt, or wearable.  Rowers are artists as they make their rows and place them where their artistic eye leads them.

So, no matter whether you like sewer or sewist or, with June ‘quiltist’, bottom line is:  We like to sew!  Period.