2015 Row of Biennerhassett Mansion

Laura with her 2015 Row of the Biennerhassett Mansion

Brian from Bolts & Quarters Quilt Shop, Parkersburg, West Virginia, designed a beautiful Row in 2015, the year of H2O.  It was the image of Biennerhassett Mansion that sits in the middle of the Ohio River in Parkersburg.  Because it was such a challenge to piece, Brian taught a class on constructing the Row.  Laura, a customer of the quilt shop, drove from Marietta, Ohio, and took the class.

Around the same time, Linda, another customer came into the shop with two pillow tops requesting Brian quilt them.  When Linda came back to the shop to pick up her finished items, Brian had to tell her that they were ‘missing’.  Linda made two more.

In the meantime, Laura came back to the shop to purchase merchandise and picked up two bags.  Unbeknown to her, she had mistakenly picked up Linda’s first set of quilted pilllow tops.  Once home, Laura realized what she had done and called Brian to let him know.  Of course, the second set of Linda’s pillow tops were now done.

The story ends with Linda and Laura meeting at Bolts & Quarters Quilt Shop, laughing about the confusion.  During their conversation, Laura mentions she wants to get her Row framed.  Linda says, my husband is outside in the parking lot and he does framing.  With that, Laura heads outside and gives her Row to Linda’s husband to frame.

A meeting that was meant to be!