Quilted Strait, Port Gamble, WA

Kris Cornell, owner at Quilted Strait in Port Gamble, Washington, shares the inspiration for her shop’s rows.

We at Quilted Strait are so fortunate to have a shop in the Port Gamble Historic District.   Many of the homes in Port Gamble were built in the 1800’s to house the employees of the lumber mill in Port Gamble. It is a unique area with unusual buildings and a stunning location right on Port Gamble Bay. For us, it means Row by Row inspiration is all around us – and right out our front door. The shop is located in a 100+ year old carriage house in the middle of Port Gamble, surrounded by evergreens and maple trees.  We’re only a block away from Port Gamble Bay.


Port Gamble homes resemble New England style.

quilted strait 2014

Quilted Strait’s row for 2014.

Our 2014 Row was inspired by the old New England style houses in Port Gamble. In the 1850’s, when the lumber mill on Port Gamble Bay was beginning to boom, the main problem the mill owners had was a labor shortage. So they recruited workers from across the country.  The houses were designed to make the mill workers recruited from the East Coast feel more at home.

quilted strait 2015

Quilted Strait’s row for 2015

quilted strait street

Trees along Port Gamble streets.

The 2015 row was inspired by the trees along Port Gamble Bay. Port Gamble Bay is no longer the site of a lumber mill.  Instead, the Bay is in the middle of an intensive environmental rehabilitation which will remove all traces, above and below the water line, of any evidence of the lumber mill.  The nearby forests no longer provide lumber for the mill.  Now they provide miles of public, recreational trails for hiking, running, and cycling.

Ideas floating around Quilted Strait, at the moment, for the 2016 Home Sweet Home theme are the “other” homes in our area. Perhaps birdhouses will make up our row.  Port Gamble is visited, or pestered, whichever way you want to look at it, by barn swallows each spring. Lighthouses are a possibility too. Each lighthouse in our area is distinctive and there are at least 10 within a 75 mile radius of Port Gamble. Stay tuned to see what actually emerges from the Quilted Strait drawing board!

Thank you, Kris, for sharing Quilted Strait’s row inspiration story with us.  


Be well.  Row happy.  Stay in touch.bobbin looking left

Quilted Strait at evening

Evening settles on Port Gamble.

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