Fabric Plate with Quilters

Seems like yesterday that we were planning our “On The Go” shop hop or hops.  Since June 21st, we have been picking up patterns, buying kits, and enjoying many quilt shops, their owners and staff.  We have met so many nice people along the way and made better friends with the folks we rowed with.  Now we hibernate.

I hope to get with my friends at the end of September and share ideas and patterns and have a ‘sewing party’.  I bought a denim shirt and my plan this year is to decorate it with my kits I bought to memorialize the “On The Go” season.  One friend wants to make a make-up bag with her license plates and maybe a tote bag with her row by row kits.  We will get together and have a blast!

I will continue to spotlight rows.  On November 1st, when the hibernation period is over, some shops may be willing to mail  out kits.  Some are keeping a list of folks that want their row and will mail the kit to you after the November 1st date.  If you see something you ‘have to have’, contact that shop.  They may be keeping a list.  To check out the shop’s phone number and/or address, go to the Row by Row Experience website and click on ‘start here’.  click here

Enjoy your patterns and kits.  Thank you Janet and your creative team for all you do.  We look forward to next June and what you will have in store for us!