Sewing machine and supplies, quilting magazine, paper plate and napkins on table

Have you ever had a quilting party…a party where you invite friends to bring a dish to pass, bring their sewing machine, maybe a wrapped gift to exchange (always fun when this is a gag gift), a project, ideas to share…

Woman smiling and cutting out fabric for quilt

Imagine your friends that sew gathered around your dining room table all talking over each other. There is a conversation going—several different subjects—one for each person at the table—and yet everyone is following every one of them. Leslie is talking about her two grandsons coming down for a ‘grandma weekend.’ Pam is telling everyone how she has found a pattern that she’s dying to share today. Jane is talking about her diet and her 27 pound loss. Margaret is non-stop talking…that’s why we love Margaret. Never a pause in the conversation with Margaret around! It’s just plain ol’ crazy fun!

Woman with tray of cookies

Imagine each one has brought a dessert. So much sugar…we should be sewing on high speed today! As you graze – cookies to cupcakes to pie…the conversation shifts to Rows that each has collected. You compare and discuss the fun time collecting each of them. It’s unanimous…shop hopping each summer and collecting Row by Row patterns and kits is the the best.

After you help each other put your Rows together, you exchange little gifts…some good, some not so good. The rule at your quilting party is “you cannot leave your gift behind.” Truth is, some of the gals have terrible taste and their gifts are…well, I’ll be nice!

So, invite your sewing friends over and have one of the best times you’ve had in weeks! Invite your sewing friends over to compare Rows, help each other sew them together, think of what you can create using them – maybe you’ll sew them together as you have gotten them from the quilt shops or you’ll take it one step further and make a wearable, an art quilt, or mix the rows up and create a quilt like no other. Eat a little and laugh a lot! If you do this , let us know. We would love to hear your story. Don’t just imagine it…make it happen.

Women cutting out fabric