Editor’s note:  This blog post first appeared in the summer of 2017. The photographs are from 2017 Jr materials but the content is still applicable to 2018’s program. Links have been updated to connect you to all the materials for RxR Jr. 2018.

School’s out.  But summer will still be alive with learning when kids hit the road to participate in Row by Row Experience’s brand new program, Row by Row Junior.  It’s for kids ages 6 to 14 and follows the same schedule as adult Row by Row.  Kids travel along with an adult, collect free row patterns designed just for them to make, and learn to sew at home with family help and support from www.rowbyrowexperience.com. Find participating shops here.

We’ve created free downloadable materials to make this summer experience the best ever.

My Road Trip Journal

Teachers love journal writing activities for kids in the summertime.  Journals can bridge the gap between one school year and the next.  Journaling helps minimize the educational loss that occurs during summer vacation too by reinforcing learned reading and writing development.

But don’t tell your kids that.  Just share your own excitement about the shops you’ll visit and the sights you’ll see as you travel.  Most kids enjoy journal writing naturally and will be encouraged by your enthusiasm.  For older kids:  add map reading (the old fashioned kind) and blend it with GPS navigation too.  Create a budget for your Road Trip and track spending.  A camera or cell phone that takes photos is a good idea too.

A Journal Page. Click here for a printable pdf. Print one for each shop you visit.

A Road Trip Journal Cover. Click here for a printable pdf.

A binder will help keep things organized.  Use page protectors for collecting patterns.  Sports card collector sheets are a good idea for keeping small mementos from each destination like shop business cards, receipts, and swatches for matching colors.

Educators will see evidence of Bloom’s Taxonomy at work throughout the Row by Row Junior program. Taxonomy–what’s that?  It’s just a fancy word for ordering levels of classification, a hierarchy.  Parents and grandparents will benefit from the the graphic below as they help their kids learn to sew at home.  Thank you to Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching for allowing us to share this graphic with you.

Our Row by Row Junior mission:

We want to enhance your Row by Row Experience with “kid friendly” educational materials that foster the love of fabric and machine sewing, strengthen inter-generational family relationships, and support local quilt shops everywhere.”

Kids can!  All they need is opportunity, practice, a few good tools, and a willing adult.  

Learn more about the 2018 Row by Row Junior Program here.

Get help finding 2018 Row by Row Junior shops here.

Let us know how you like Row by Row Junior.  Share your experiences with us.  Leave a comment below.

Jeannette Kitlan, your Row by Row Junior author and designer.