Row by Row has evolved over the last 8 years and perhaps one of the biggest developments for 2018 was the introduction of new row shapes. Did you realize that the rows are all exactly the same size? All four sizes use exactly the same amount of fabric and cover the same number of square inches. Click here to see the new shapes.

Quilt shops around the world had fun playing with the new shapes when they designed their Sew Musical rows. Now it is time for quilters to come up with something creative!

Raymond Steeves used his EQ7 software to experiment with a few quilt layouts. We like what he did!

Do you love the new Foxy Boxy shape? The big 18-inch square makes up quickly and makes it really easy to design a fun 2018 Sew Musical Quilt.

Here’s an example of Foxy Boxy Rows available in Arizona with a Southwest/Arizona Theme. Corner posts, Sashing, Borders make these exciting rows really stand out.

Here’s a example of a quilt featuring the new Short and Sassy Row Size 12 x 27. Rows are from New Mexico and Arizona.

Visit as many fun and interesting Quilt Shops as you can and collect all the patterns and rows that you like. Great rows equal great possibilities when you get ready to create your quilt. Make it simple, make it complex, make it fun and exciting! Creating your quilt should be a labor of love and joy. Have fun!

Be creative with sashing, borders, corner blocks.  While visiting the shops select interesting fabrics for sashing and borders.  Consider starting with a theme. A musical theme is an obvious choice for 2018, but you could add a secondary theme like animals, children, sewing, regional, jazz, Rock & Roll, etc, etc!

This pattern idea from Raymond features Row by Row Classic Rows and Foxy Boxy Blocks from Utah surrounded with a fun border.

Find your rows and make your quilt. Consider bringing it into a shop to win a prize. Click here for details on winning.
VERY IMPORTANT… you must have your own original copy of each pattern to create a winning quilt. No fair copying patterns, sharing patterns and taking images from photos on Facebook or other places. The shops work hard to create a fun experience for you. Please respect their work and play nice. They want to give prizes!

Stay tuned for more hints from Raymond on designing your own quilt layout using the new shapes.

Today’s blog post was written by Raymond Steeves, quilt maker, designer, teacher and with his partners Jeff and Frank, former owner of 3 Dudes Quilting in Phoenix, AZ. A strong supporter of Row by Row Experience, he is the area coordinator for Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, and enjoys working with shop owners promoting Row by Row Experience and your local quilt shop.  Raymond is always willing to share his love of quilting, and to continue to learn from others.

Thanks to Raymond and many others in the active community of quilters and shop owners around the world who support and enjoy Row by Row Experience!