2016 winner, Sandy, Appleberry Fabrics, Westminster, MA

Patriotic quilt by Sandy, winner at Appleberry Fabrics, Westminster, MA

Sandy is the winner at Appleberry Fabrics, Westminster, Massachusetts.  And with a hand-pieced Row by Row Experience quilt, she is just downright amazing!  Sandy and her sister, Sue, worked as a team to create this beautiful patriotic quilt – Sandy piecing and Sue helping with the quilting.

I spoke to Sandy about how she got started making a quilt top this way and she said, “When I was pregnant with twins 20-years-ago, I was on bedrest from 8 weeks until I delivered at 33 weeks.  My sister would make little squares and I would sit on my bed and hand-sew the pieces together.  I could only sit up 2 hours a day.  This was my first quilt and it was a king-sized Christmas quilt.”  She said to this day, that’s how she makes a quilt top – by cutting up her project and putting the pieces into a scrapbook box.  This patriotic quilt is Sandy’s second year Rowing and now looks forward to collecting license plates, sewing them together, to make a quilt backing.

When I asked Sandy if she had ever machine sewed a quilt top or quilted a project using a sewing machine, Sandy said, “I don’t even own a machine.”