10 quilts in bags ready for giving

Ten quilts all ready for gift giving

Saturday is my family holiday party.  Each time we get together, I get a series of questions about my quilting.  Just a note:  We only get together with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews once per year and this Saturday is the ‘big day’.

Back to the questions:  I explain what I do, how I like traditional and modern quilt designs.  I tell them that I like to buy patterns and sometimes create my own patterns.  I talk about quilt shows and shop hopping,  I describe my annual ‘rowing’ and tell them how much fun that is…  My enthusiasm for quilting is on display but after just a few minutes, I see their eyes glaze over.   Since I’m not sure if the questions are out of courtesy or they really care about what I have done for the past 12 months, I decided to ‘show them’ what I do.

In January of 2017, I made it my mission to make each family a quilt – each with a different color scheme and each in a different style.  I used batiks in some, different prints in some, and solids in some.  They are all different.  Since I don’t want anyone fighting over these works of art (or at least I think they are worthy of the title ‘works of art’), I am going to make the selection a game.  It will be like a game you may have played called Scotch Gift Exchange.  It is known by other names but the concept goes like this:  draw a number and number one goes first, number two goes second, and on and on.  I look forward to oohs and ahhhs and a lot of ‘I want that one’ and ‘I can’t believe you made that’.

Next week I’ll post pictures and the results of the game.  As with any and all families, it should be interesting and…well, you probably know what I mean.

To further answer all the ‘how is your sewing and quilting going’ questions, I have made anyone that won’t get a quilt a French-seamed pillowcase.  Yes, I’ve been busy but I am looking forward to all the giving.  In total I made 10 quilts and 12 pillowcases.  It makes me tired just thinking about it!