Get Ready #3 for Row by Row Junior      TRAVEL • COLLECT • LEARN

School’s out.  But summer 2017 will be alive with learning when kids hit the road to participate in Row by Row Experience’s brand new program, Row by Row Junior.  It’s for kids ages 6 to 14 and follows the same schedule as adult Row by Row.  Kids travel along with an adult, collect free row patterns designed just for them to make, and learn to sew at home with family help and support from  Find participating shops here.

We’ve created free downloadable materials to make this summer experience the best ever.  Here is the third batch.  We’ll be adding more daily as we approach June 21, the first day of Row by Row Experience 2017.

Find the first batch about Road Trip Journal writing here.  The second batch about Drawing What You Saw and Thread Collection here.

Rover Needs A Swatch Sweater–Junior Activity Sheets Part 2 of 3.

Rover is our popular Row by Row Junior dog pattern.  You’ll find him at quilt shops everywhere this summer.  He’s adorable but he’s also packed with true sewing skill building elements. Traditional home sewers will recognize garment construction methods using 5/8 seam allowances and “place on fold” cutting instructions used on his ears and tail.

Rover Needs A Swatch Sweater is an activity to help kids learn to visualize how a fabric will look in a finished project.  Visualization–creating pictures in your head–is so important to child development.  And sewing!  It’s critical for reading and problem solving too.  It’s essential for imagination and plays a key role in the development of young creative minds.

For many of us in the sewing world, visualization is an intuitive process that occurs unconsciously.  We walk into a quilt shop, see a gorgeous fabric, and immediately begin dreaming about how it would look in our next project.  Rover and his swatch sweaters can help nurture that ability in our kids.

Prepare for this activity with younger kids by cutting about a dozen 2″ x 6″ strips ahead of time.  Print out several copies of the page.  “Audition” each swatch.  Ask which is their favorite.  Have a conversation about which fabric another family member or a friend might choose for Rover’s sweater and why?  Older kids will enjoy learning about the scale or character of a print and about one way designs.

Rover Needs A Swatch Sweater and Rover Needs A Lot of Swatch Sweaters.  Find a free printable pdf. here.  You can print only page one (larger Rover) if desired.

Swatch and learn…

Our Row by Row Junior mission:

We want to enhance your Row by Row Experience with “kid friendly” educational materials that foster the love of fabric and machine sewing, strengthen inter-generational family relationships, and support local quilt shops everywhere.”

Kids can!  All they need is opportunity, practice, a few good tools, and a willing adult.  

Learn more about the Row by Row Junior Program here.

Let us know how you like Row by Row Junior.  Share your experiences with us.  Leave a comment below.

Jeannette Kitlan, your Row by Row Junior author and designer.