picture of Home Sweet Home 9th Row - Hawaii

Kuni Island Fabric’s 9th Row for 2016

It is the holiday season and we are all in a giving mood.  I know I’ve given to a foster childs’ program, Toys 4 Tots, the local animal rescue group, Salvation Army…just to name a few.   I always feel badly that I am only THIS generous during the holiday season so I will try harder next year to remember these wonderful organizations all year long.

Because of the giving mood, I thought it was time to thank those involved in the 9th Row.  Karen Montgomery designed the 9th Row for Row Experience and will be designing the 2017 9th Row.  Many quilt shops and Rowers participated and I thought you might like hear the results.

Participating 2016 shops raised over $8,000 which was donated to the Rescue Mission and tens of thousands of dollars more went to local charities to address the issue of homelessness.  Keep your eyes on your local shops June of next year for the new 9th Row.   And a thank you to those involved – Janet, Karen, the shop owners, and of course the Rowers.