pictures of coffee mugs with sewing and quilting sayings

My favorite coffee mugs

I love my morning coffee and what I put that wonderful liquid in seems to be just as important to me.  I open the cupboard door and decide which of my mugs I’ll use – all three relate to quilting or sewing.

More than twenty-five years ago, my mom bought me a coffee cup from a garage sale.  It used to say, “So much fabric…so little time”.  I have used it so much and for so long, it now says, “So mu fabric…so little time”.  My thumb/fingers secure the cup right at the word ‘much’.  It has been well used and well appreciated.  My second cup choice is one from my quilting guild.  It says “The Ultimate Power Tool” and features a sewing machine.  The third cup’s theme is a Norman Rockwell scene of a young girl sewing something for her father entitled “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter”.

Since I’ve enjoyed these cups so much, I did a little internet searching and found some great coffee cup sayings.  Here they are:  I’d Rather Be Quilting, Born to Quilt, I love Quilting, and Quilting Makes My Heart Sing.

If you have a favorite coffee mug or coffee cup that has a great sewing or quilting saying, share it.  I hope the next quilt show or quilt shop I visit has a mug I can add to my small collection of three.

Finally, one of the coffee mugs I found online said “Why Did The Quilter Cross The Road?” with no answer.  I’ve been thinking and thinking. My husband said, “To get a chicken to eat so I have energy to go to the next quilt shop”.  What do you think?