Editor’s note: image above is from Row by Row Junior 2017

School’s out.  But summer 2018 will be alive with learning when kids participate in Row by Row Experience’s new program, Row by Row Junior.  It’s for kids ages 6 to 14 and follows the same schedule as adult Row by Row.  Kids visit a quilt shop, collect a free row pattern designed just for them to make, and learn to sew at home with family help and support from www.rowbyrowexperience.com. Find participating shops here.

We created free downloadable materials and tutorials to make this summer experience the best ever. Find Road Trip Journal writing here.

Activity Sheets here:  Draw What You Saw, Thread Collection, and Let’s Sew Curves

Today it’s Junior Activity Sheets –Let’s Sew Curves.

Using a sewing machine without any thread is the best way to let kids learn how it works.  With a just a few moments of instruction on basic operation and safety, kids can quickly gain machine confidence without the frustration of thread jams and bird’s nests in the bobbin case.

Kids can!  All they need is opportunity, practice, a few good tools, and a willing adult.  

Offer plenty of time on the machine for practice and repetition.  Kids will eagerly want to sew down every line on a piece of notebook paper.  As their confidence grows you can encourage accuracy, pivoting at corners, and starting and stopping at specific points.  You can experiment with stitch length and width too.  Kids will like examining the stitch “holes” in the paper as the stitch settings are changed.

The Let’s Sew Curves activity sheet uses our friend Bobbin the Robin, the cute, little red bird you’ll see hopping around our Row by Row Jr. patterns.  She’s actually our official Row by Row Experience mascot pin cushion created by Debra Gabel of Zebra Patterns.  Debra also designs the popular FabricPlates® we all like to collect.

Bobbin the Robin is a pattern you can purchase at your favorite local quilt shop.  Learn more about Bobbin in this blog post.

The free printable pdf for Let’s Sew Curves is here.

Our Row by Row Junior mission:

We want to enhance your Row by Row Experience with “kid friendly” educational materials that foster the love of fabric and machine sewing, strengthen inter-generational family relationships, and support local quilt shops everywhere.”

Kids can!  All they need is opportunity, practice, a few good tools, and a willing adult.  

Learn more about the Row by Row Junior Program here.

Let us know how you like Row by Row Junior.  Share your experiences with us.  Leave a comment below.

Jeannette Kitlan, your Row by Row Junior author and designer.