The Row by Row Experience Advent Quilt is magnificent. Using the 2015 H20 theme, Rows were used to create this large quilt. The top Row, with the beautiful star rising like the sun rising over the ocean’s water line, was a huge hit for this Southwest Florida quilt shop, Charlotte Sewing, located in Pt. Charlotte, Florida.

The designer of the Row was Nancy. She said, “We are all about water and sunshine here on the coast and our motto always is ‘Life’s a Beach.’ It only seems logical for us to include this in our Row design.” Nancy said she takes the theme and, after sketching something out, makes the row using whatever fabrics she has on hand. She is a big fan of batiks so she uses this type of fabric in her final product.

Nancy said that just like the 2015 Row, she felt Home Sweet Home for 2016 needed to follow her shop’s ‘Life’s a Beach’ motto so she put a cabana and airstream on the beach. “Kits sell like crazy,” she said, “and I know if I make a good design, customers want the row to look exactly like my sample.”


Nancy (left) and Theresa (right)

Owner, Theresa, and Designer, Nancy, said they feel both grateful and happy they are able to participate in Row by Row Experience. They hope that their 2016 Row will be enjoyed as much as their 2015 Row was appreciated as “sales were through the roof.”

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing this insight into how the Row by Row magic happens in your shop.