20 foot row by Tammie

20 Foot Row By Tammie

Before I write Tammie’s story, I want to thank her for sending the picture and her new way to connect rows she has collected.  This 20 foot long row is a great way to symbolize her travels – traveling a long distance means a long row!   Here is what Tammie has to say about her ‘collection’ and her sewing journey:

“Naturally I’m drawn to all the cute camper-themed Row by Row patterns and hit the motherlode on a trip across North Carolina and southern Virginia plus a dip into Florida.  These patterns really inspired me to connect them end to end like one long road trip.

We enjoyed all the things pictured on this 20 foot long postcard, quilting while camping for the unusual rocks in Virginia called fairystones, golfing, a watermelon festival in a small Florida town, and glimpsing a rare green flash sunset on the beach.  We towed our little camper about 2600 miles that month, and my favorite row block is from Fabrics in the Fray in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, with a sewing machine towing a trailer.  That license plate says “sewing and towing” so now my husband calls my car my ‘towing machine’.

On a technical note, I had to improvise the landscape between each row so they would flow from one scene to the next which also allowed room to add the license plate ‘billboards’.  Another way to help it flow is to use the same fabric all across the sky.  The improvisation made it hard to estimate yardage and I barely squeaked by with a yard and a half.”

Thanks again, Tammie, and especially thanks for the ‘tips’ and ‘challenges’ in case someone else wants to try this.