Trying to sew while watching the Olympics on TV?  You can’t do it!

Sewing–by hand or machine–while watching other professional sports on TV is quite easy. They actually make you more productive because they move at a brisk pace in measured intervals. Play-by-play announcers have their art so perfected that you “know” what’s happening without even seeing it. If some big play happens you can always look up to see several replays of the action from all angles so you haven’t missed a thing.

Not so with the Olympics. You can’t look away for fear of missing your favorite event as the network coverage randomly cuts away to cover different events at different venues.

Figure skating is my favorite. But you simply cannot hope to complete a sewing project if you’re an Olympic figure skating fan. This year you have to be a night owl too especially if you’re on the east coast.

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If you blinked you would have missed this incredible move by the silver medalist from Japan that came at the very end of his performance. Totally jaw-dropping!

Unfortunately for our waistlines, you can still snack while trying to sew–and watch the Olympics.

Have you tried this new candy bar Hershey’s introduced as an Olympic sponsor? After I saw it advertised during opening ceremonies, it went into my grocery cart the very next day.

Of course I had to eat it right away too.

That’s when I discovered the “quilt” on the back of the wrapper. Yep! That’s just what I thought. It looks like a quilt. Why is this picture on the back of this candy bar wrapper?

Well, it’s the “new” shape of the pieces of the bar. The way it breaks apart is different and unexpected.

Just like our new shapes for 2018’s Row by Row Sew Musical.

Hershey’s Gold is only the fourth candy bar since 1905 to carry the Hershey’s name. Curiously, it is not really chocolate. It’s “caramelized creme” which is a technical term in the confection world used to describe sugary compounds like the filling found in Oreo cookies.

Reading more about how the Gold candy bar was developed and the food science behind it, Hershey said in a press release:

“Consumers favor a complex combination of ingredients, which led to the unique variation of sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy.”

“Complex combinations and unique variations” are exactly some of the reasons why we created the “new” Row by Row shapes for 2018 too. We appreciate you just as Hershey’s appreciates fans of their products.

I liked the candy bar and have already imagined ways to use it in some baking recipes. Just like when I walk into my favorite quilt shop and see a new fabric on display.

“Complex combinations and unique variations” are the heart of quilting–and Row by Row Experience too!

Chocolate Lovers FabricPlates available through

Be sure to ask your favorite quilt shop to offer Row by Row Sew Musical and all its programs this summer.