Here it is… the official 2019 Row by Row Experience theme!
Click on the balloon below to watch the video announcement!

That’s right! It’s delicious, it’s yummy and it’s creative! Taste the Experience is a theme we all have in common… food!

In planning for 2019, Debra Gabel and I spent a long time thinking about it and discussing the options. We decided that food is something we all think about every single day, no matter where we live and what we do. And it can be a very creative topic.

Once we decided to go with food, we had a bunch more decisions to make:

• What colors do we go with?
• What will the fabric look like?
• What should we order for lunch?

Debra wasted no time working up a color scheme, new logos, designing new fabrics, and even added a chef’s hat to Bobbin. I’ll show you more of that in the next few weeks. We brainstormed with our team for quite awhile over the actual name, but decided that Taste the Experience embraced all the gusto of traveling and sampling new things.

Here are the fun flavors – oops, I mean colors – used in the 2019 RxR artwork. You will see these cupcakes on the selvedges of the new fabrics.

Kendra and Jolene took time out from working on the RxR marketing and website to “play” with cut-outs from the new theme.

I expect that shops will look to local food specialties when designing their rows for 2019, but every year I am amazed with some of the out-of-the-box ideas that show up in rows around the world. And, of course, the shops have complete creative license when it comes to the design. Be looking for some very original concepts!

BTW – are you wondering where in the world I found such a BIG balloon covered in question marks? It’s a gender reveal balloon, used in the trendy baby gender reveal events. (RxR is my baby – lol.) My son Jared owns a balloon decor company ( and is often called to create these big displays. He receives the sealed envelope with details of the baby’s gender and then fills the big balloon with either pink or blue smaller balloons. It makes a very loud bang when popped by the expectant parents!

Janet Lutz is the owner of Row by Row Experience and Calico Gals quilt shop in Syracuse, New York. She is passionate about creative business, entrepreneurship and making stuff!