Row by Row Jr.Summer 2017 will be alive with learning when kids hit the road to participate in Row by Row Experience’s brand new program, Row by Row Junior.  It’s designed for kids ages 6 to 14.  They travel along with an adult, collect free row patterns designed just for them to make, and learn to sew with family help and support from

“Row by Row On The Go! is our theme for 2017 and we’re taking kids along,” announced Row by Row Experience founder, Janet Lutz, at the International Quilt Market in Houston this past fall.

“We hope to enhance your Row by Row experience with kid-friendly educational materials that foster the love of fabric and machine sewing.  Strengthen inter-generational family relationships too,” adds Janet.  “We want to get kids sewing and we’re excited to offer it to you this summer through our participating shops.”

Row by Row Jr.

Row by Row Jr. follows the same time schedule, June 21 through Labor Day. New! Junior has been extended.  Kids can still collect free patterns and purchase kits through October 31.

It has the same basic guidelines for registered brick and mortar quilt shops.  Like adult Row by Row, children need to be present in the shop to get the free pattern handout, but anyone can buy a kit.  Grandmothers can buy them as Christmas presents.  Travelling family members can bring them home as gifts or souvenirs.

Row by Row Jr.

The Row by Row Junior program includes five appealing row patterns.  Shops choose one (or more) of these patterns as their free pattern handout.  Row by Row designed the patterns so you can be sure they are kid friendly.  Have fun traveling to collect all five.  Make it an adventure to see how shops creatively use different fabrics to make up their chosen row.  Enjoy the experience at each shop you visit.

Blue “I Made This!” ribbons will be awarded to the first five kids who return to a shop with something they’ve made using a Row by Row Junior pattern.  We want to celebrate any sewing effort not just quilting.  We’ll have red “I Made This” ribbons for our kids in Canada and the UK.

Row by Row Jr.

The Row by Row Junior curriculum includes an extensive collection of free online activities, journal pages, and support materials for learning to sew at home.  A Junior page, where you can find all these goodies, is at  More will be added to this page all summer long.

Row by Row Jr.The Row by Row Junior program was designed by long-time Row by Row team member Jeannette Kitlan, left.  Her insight as a former quilt shop owner and her passion for teaching kids dovetails beautifully with Row by Row’s summertime travel event concept.

“I loved having kids in my shop,” says Jeannette.  But she regrets not having enough time to teach more kids’ classes while juggling so many other shop owner responsibilities.  “I knew that generations of kids were slipping away from learning to sew,” she adds, “not just from sewing but from the self-reliance and resourcefulness for any endeavor that comes from being able to say ‘I made this!’.”

Row by Row Jr.Shops participating in Row by Row Junior will have a Junior icon placed by their name on lists so you can find them.  Some shops will plan kid’s classes and special events.  Other shops will just have their row on display and the free pattern available.  It’s all good.  Follow us here at Row by Row Studio, our Facebook page, and your state’s Row by Row Facebook page to stay up to date.

Ask your favorite quilt shop to offer Row by Row Junior.  Let them know that it’s important to you.

“We all want our kids to learn sewing and carry on this craft that’s so dear to us,” explains Janet Lutz. “Travelling to new places, collecting something just for them, visiting Grandma, summer vacation…this is all part of the wonder and excitement of Row By Row Experience. It’s a great opportunity to nurture the love of fabric and sewing.  Please join us.”

July 2017 Row by Row Junior Update:  Find all the Junior blog posts here and more support materials at