Meet Jane and Wayne Morey from the beautiful state of Maine in the USA. For five years they have been participating in Row by Row Experience. Each year they wait with excitement for the new theme announcement and search to find participating shops. In the beginning, they stayed close to home visiting shops in Maine and New Hampshire. Over the years they have traveled throughout other states in New England and even combined Row by Row with other summer trips. Jane shared, “The year the theme was HOME SWEET HOME we were in Missouri. The sample was on the wall but it was only May so we just paid for the kit and they sent it to us in November!”

Once the couple collects the eight patterns they want to use, they either come home or go to camp and start the sewing marathon! Jane says that Wayne is very competitive and tries really hard to be the first to turn his quilt in. “The first three years we worked on our row quilts, Wayne did not have his own sewing machine and that was a challenge in itself. Now, we share our ironing space and cutting tables but each have our own sewing machines.”

Wayne Morey and his winning quilt at The Fabric Garden in Madison, Maine. Click here to learn about all the rows.

For Jane, her favorite part is seeing all the patterns from all the shops. She likes being able to see all the photos of the rows in the areas they plan to visit. “I even sent for some kits from other places I knew I would not be able to visit. Waiting to get them in November is like an early Holiday gift!”

Jane Morey won her prize at Fiddlehead Artisan Supplies in Belfast Maine. Click here for the details.

Wayne has his own RxR strategy. He purchases two kits each year from specific shops and is making an additional quilt using only those rows. He was a little disappointed this year because one of those two shops dropped out at the last minute, but now the hunt is on for a replacement.

The Moreys really like the 2018 challenge of the different size patterns. Jane says, “Coming up with the filler blocks to piece them all together was lots of fun!”

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