On the Go at Gloria's Stash, Punta Gorda, FL

On the Go at Gloria’s Stash, Punta Gorda, FL

I spent hours thinking about memory quilts and what our quilts say.  What will they say about us when many years from now our relatives or heirs of the folks we’ve made quilts for wonder what we were thinking.  Other than a label on the back – a from or to whom with dates, person who pieced it, who quilted it…what will our quilts say?  The repeated pattern might say we liked structure.  Maybe the vivid colors will reflect our wild personalities.  Or if we use expensive fabric, will it say we must have been wealthy?

Searching through the Florida Row by Row Facebook page I ran across this row from Gloria’s Stash in Punta Gorda.  If you put this row in your quilt, it will say you have a sense of humor and… well, you know the rest.