Paige Reddig has been part of quilting’s Row by Row Experience since 2014 when she accompanied her mom, April, to claim the prize at The Old Country Store in Intercourse, PA. The RxR theme that year was Sew a Season. Now Paige is enjoying a whole new experience in her young life.

Here she is in 2015 making a row of ‘ocean wave’ blocks at age nine. The theme that year was Row by Row H2O.

In 2016, she claimed her own Row by Row prize at Cedar Lane Dry Goods in New Holland, PA. The theme was Home Sweet Home.

Early in 2017, Paige, then age 11, and her mom helped Row by Row launch the brand new Row by Row Junior program encouraging kids all over the US and Canada to learn to sew.

Later that summer she claimed the prize for the second year in a row at Cedar Lane Dry Goods with this awesome quilt. Row by Row On The Go was the theme.

In 2018, Paige, now age 12, stunned us all with her amazing Row by Row Sew Musical quilt which took the prize at Weaver’s Dry Goods in Lititz, PA.

But that’s not the only amazing thing Paige did during the summer of 2018.

Here’s her story:

In mid March, 2018, author and publisher Stephen Kozan visited Paige’s middle school and presented a lecture about perseverance. He explained how he had been rejected many times and still found a way to get his book published and in doing so started his own publishing company Ready Aim Write Kids LLC. At each school Kozan visits, he issues a “Flash Fiction” challenge where anyone who wants to accept the challenge has 24 hours to produce a one page idea for a story or book.

Sixth grader Paige went home that day and told her mom, April, she wanted to try to come up with an idea for the challenge. April shared how they only had about 20 minutes before they had to leave for karate but Paige already had been thinking up the idea in her head all day in school. So Mom typed as Paige talked and she turned it in the next day. The idea she came up with was “The Three Sisters of Doom.”

Months past with no news, but then on May 18, Paige learned she was a finalist. She now had 24 hours to summarize the book in 150 words or less. On May 30, she received the letter that she won. She signed a publishing contract and had a due date of August 30.

Paige was provided with an editor, illustrator, and cover artist. She wrote the book, her biography, decided on the illustrations, the cover, and wrote the summary on the back too. It was officially released on October 26, 2018. It is available on and on Stephen Kozan’s website under the ReadyAimWrite Kids tab.

Stephen started his company, Ready Aim Write Kids, LLC to produce books written by kids for kids. Each time he goes to a school he picks one student to give a book contract to. Right now he has about 11 in some stage of the process. Paige is the first one done.

“The Three Sisters of Doom” is a 165-page story, has 13 chapters, and is geared for readers ages 8 to 15.  She used family members including her grandparents and cousins as inspiration for the book and incorporated her many hobbies like crafting, sewing, and quilting. Paige also trains in martial arts and her favorite school subjects are math and science. She is an avid reader of course.

Paige said she wrote the whole book in about six weeks this past summer–in addition to making the fabulous quilt we saw earlier! She said she wrote on her computer whenever she had time.

Here’s a summary from the back of Paige’s book:

“The Three Sisters of Doom” depicts a magical place between the Known and Unknown, where each character represents something specific. Hope, the youngest royal daughter, discovers that her sisters, Greed, Envy, and Sickness, plan to seize control of the kingdom. Hope searches for a way to stop her sisters and finds an ancient spell that she believes will save her family. With a heavy heart, she casts the spell altering the princesses’ lives unexpectedly sending them somewhere in the Known but as objects, not themselves. Elsewhere in the Known, a young girl named Phoebe is visiting with her grandmother. Everything in Grandma’s house has a story, from the furniture to her jewelry. On this visit, they come across things that Grandma does not remember, and when Phoebe touches them, the objects seem to be telling her their own story, pulling her into their lives.

Congratulations, Paige! You inspire all of us. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Jeannette Kitlan

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