It’s Here! 2019 Row by Row Experience, Taste the Experience has officially begun. It’s time to get rowing through the deliciousness!

The first Rowers are here and we can’t wait to see their beautiful creations come together.

For the newer rowers or if you need a refresher on how we row, The Seasoned Homemaker did a great job explaining how it works and what we are all about. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Have you started planning your RxR Experience for this summer?  Find all your rows using the row finder (click to start searching). You can create your own image lists based on the area you are traveling in and print it to PDF or save it to your phone. Here’s how it works:


Shop Finder Instructions

  • Choose a country.
  • Choose a state or province.
  • In the city window, choose All to see all stores in the state, or choose a specific city.
  • If you want a paper copy, click on “Printable PDF” to download and print.
  • Thank you for your patience while your customized PDF downloads!
  • Start your Rowing!

We love seeing where you’re rowing! Make sure to tag us and the shop your at on Facebook and Instagram.


Keep an eye out for the shoe selfie stickers too!

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